Product Demonstration Video Shoot for Neato Robotics

This week our team filmed eight short video clips for Neato Robotics’ “Software Update” page. Our goal was to film the step-by-step process of updating the software of their latest product, Botvac Connected.

Neato gives users the ability to register their robots on their website, allowing the user to view relevant documentation and to update their products. We wanted the “Software Updates” page to fit well with the design we created for the “My Neato” section of their website, the place where users can register their products.

For some people, understanding the process of updating their product could seem complicated. We wanted to make this process easy to follow, so we proposed the idea of using a simple video guide that visually shows the steps of the update process. With the proper lighting, camera, and team, we were able to do just that.


The process began with setup of the lighting equipment. The white LED panel lights and spotlights gave a good clean exposure to the subject while the umbrella-diffused monolights gave an ambient daylight feel.

Lighting for Video setup

On the left are Bowens Gemini 400Rx Monolights with umbrellas. In the center are Husky LED Panel Lights. On the right are Top Lighting PB-30 Spotlights. We found combining these six lights were the most beneficial on the product and surface that we used.

Video shot by Nikon D7100

For the camera we used a Nikon D7100 with a 18-270 mm lens on a tripod to record video. This was perfect for the steady close up shots required to show the different parts of the process clearly and efficiently. The 270 mm lens was used for close-up shots of accessories being connected to the product.


The scenes were shot with a focus on the action being performed to highlight the step of the process that it is demonstrating. Each scene was edited to create a consistent, easy-to-follow flow for each clip. PC and Mac versions were created individually to further explain any concerns about compatibility.

Finally, we embedded the videos on Neato’s website in the “My Neato” section, below the registered robot that the update is compatible with. After registering their compatible robot, users may view the step by step instructional videos and download the software update.


This time-lapse shows the lighting and camera set up. We take pride in every step of the process for every project. Is your business interested in video demonstrations of a product, product photography, or any of our other services? Contact us now with your project details, or any questions or concerns, and we will respond immediately.

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